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Gokarna, a place that has become synonymous to Nirvana (not the band!). This is where we were on last year’s Valentine’s day along with couple of our friends. If you are planning a Gokarna getaway for a weekend, you are in the right place (or if it’s in near future, feel free to bookmark this). So, without further ado, here was our itinerary to Gokarna. Gokarna famous for caves and historical places.

Gokarna a small temple town in Karnataka is just 30 km’s from Goa. With its narrow streets, traditional houses and temples, the tranquil town of Gokarna has become the favorite haunt of Hindu pilgrims, nature lovers and beach buffs. The unscathed beaches, embellished with palm and coconut trees is an unconventional tourist destination which entertains travelers from throughout the world in search of composure and novelty.

Therefore Hostelavie, India’s first chain of boutique hostels at backpackers’ prices has selected Gokarna for a traveler like you to experience a pristine vacation away from tourist influx.

Located behind the enticing Kudle beach, Hostelavie gives you a chance to experience clean sands and clear blue sky adding to the once hidden haven, perfect for solo travelers or younger travelers.

We know that Hostels are more than just cheap dorms, free Wi-Fi and hot water. Situated at a foothill beneath the kudle beach, we have a free open land area for you to enjoy outdoor games, or just sit and enjoy breakfast in our open air common area next to an inexpensive café and listen to the soothing waves of the beach.

We have 5 dormitory rooms each with six beds, one room being the female dormitory for your girl gang to reunite and chill without anyone intruding. Each room is provided with separate washroom, charging point, separate lockers in each room on separate compartment basis and a common locker for all in case you like to drop your luggage for few hours after check out. We believe in not asking anything in exchange apart from a wide smile

Hostelavie provides free parking space in case you like to bring your own vehicle, free wifi. We are also open 24 hrs just in case you wish to drop in at 4 AM.

Whether you are a loner, a solo traveler or a group of friends, Hostalavie makes sure to provide you a friendly atmosphere where you’ll end making a lot of new friends and new bonds.

Waking up with a sun on an empty beach, you will truly embrace your solitude at Hostelavie, a kind of solitude you will fall in love with.

Our open air café and common area is the best place to laze around, enjoy the warmth of the sun, feel the cool breeze kissing your face while having a couple of drinks, with your close buddies around and just having a blast.

Come enjoy your solitude at Hostelavie Gokarna

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