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Hostelavie Leh (Himalayan Bunker)

price from ₹299 /person

We've always believed the one thing in common between man and a place is that both have indulgent souls. HosteLaVie wants nothing more than to bring these together in a room, cause when that happens, there is not another place to be right there and then. There are enough shades of Ladakh to match the many of your soul. You have Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims. The bikers, the cyclists, and the car enthusiasts. Milky rivers and frozen lakes. Muddy hills and rocky mountains. Treacherous roads for the brave and remote trails for the determined.Ladakh has two major cities, Leh and Kargil. While dotted with several guesthouses and hotels, for those who prefer the hostel culture and budget accommodation, HosteLaVie is up and about to host back-packers and travellers from around the world. Located on the Manali road, our hostel sits quietly in the Norgyasling Mohalla at Snow Leopard Chowk. While there are many things going for us, we invite you to witness the show from our rooftop, and add your own adjective to the experience. Sip on freshly brewed tea/coffee and lock eyes with Stok Kangri, Golap Kangri, Shanti Stupa, Tsemo Gompa, and Leh Palace. Exchange stories and dreams with other guests over our complimentary breakfast sessions. Go into competitive mode over indoor games or just plonk yourself on a sofa in the common room, build your cushioned fort and pick a book for company. Basically, just indulge your soul with the soul of HosteLaVie Leh. The airport, taxi stand, bus stand, and the main market (Mall Road) are all within a 3-km radius of the hostel. There are shared taxi vans available right outside the hostel lane to ferry you till the market area.

HosteLaVie provides free use of the kitchen, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi, a book exchange and the best coffee in town! Oh yes, we have our own brand of brewing coffee named after our Hostel as “Coffavie”. There is also a wholesome continental breakfast available every day. We try to ensure a rotation of eggs, porridge and cornflakes for our breakfast menu from time to time.

Meeting people is very easy at this hostel. Stay at HosteLaVie and you’ll experience a fun friendly atmosphere – perfect for making friends to explore the city with. Be it as you chill on the lounge pillows in the open-sky cafe area or while playing games like Jenga and UNO inside our in-house coffee place, or as you watch your favourite football match on the large Projector screen there. Our hostel holds multiple impromptu free events several times a week, ranging from local food tasting, photo walks, musical nights, heritage walks or painting sessions. The most loved of them all is definitely the “Know a LaVier’s Culture” cooking event where everyone learns to cook another LaVier’s home country dish. If you’re in the 'don't-want-to-mingle-tonight mood there are a few cozy corners on the dormitory corridors to be by yourself..

HosteLaVie is run by travellers, so you can expect knowledgeable staff who understands what you need.

Having travelled around the world, we know how a hostel should be!

We believe our dorms is where the real conversation starts. After a hectic day of travel, meeting fellow travellers was Never so easy. Hostelavie offers best dormitories with elegant interiors, each bed has a reading light and a charging point, as well as private rooms with stylized bathrooms.

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